Champ T-Shirts have Arrived

Champ T-Shirts have Arrived

For those of you who didn’t know why we were taking 3 weeks off for volleyball:

1. Poles are going to get re-done since the park contractors did not do them properly the first time around. This means that our nets will be tighter (no more bowing) and will reach a true men’s height (for the men’s leagues)!

2. It’s cold.. JK we play rain or shine! But it kinda worked out since we have experienced some extra cold weather!:)

With that being said they start this project tomorrow 1/4/19! YAY!

Just thought I’d share that with you guys! Also, registration for next season is NOW open and we start on the week of January 13th!

It is going to be a great new year… oh yeah.. league champs will now be getting a shirt!

Register here:

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